The New Honda Odyssey

It’s going to stay that way if Honda has anything to do with it. This is a single overhead cam (SOHC) engine that uses four valves and multi point fuel injection in each cylinder to put out 240 foot pounds of torque at 4,900 rpm and provide one of the best fuel economy ratings for vehicles in the Odyssey’s class. The compression ratio of this engine is 10 to 1. Its aluminum alloy composition helps keep the engine weight low, improving the overall performance of the vehicle.

Honda Odyssey is known for their unmatched performance, sleek looks, clean designs, attractive functions, sophisticated technology and much more. All over the world, the Honda Odyssey is recognized as the superior range of the cars, which do not compromise on quality and offer the best to their customers. Seldom will Honda auto owners whether they own a new Honda Odyssey or an old one would exchange this brand for another. However, cars do get damaged due to the conditions of the roads, the humidity, and other factors, which require effective maintenance regimes to sustain the productivity of the cars.

The different accessories for the cars are available in the markets, which will help the cars in curbing the effects of the damage caused due to the various reasons. One of the most popular car accessories in the world, is the Honda auto accessories that can be obtained through the genuine retails, workshops and the dealer offices. Since the Honda car-accessories offer durability and functionality, they are preferred even by the car owners who do not own a Honda Odyssey.

When opting for the basic auto accessories for your Honda car, one has versatile and numerous options to select from. Even the car accessories like the floor mat for the Honda cars are available in a number of shades and hues, with variety in texture and material that offer, complete protection for the interior of the car and are extremely easy to wash and clean. When buying the Honda car mats for cars other than the Honda, make sure that they fit the space of the car. Even the dash board trims of the Honda autos can be matched to the colors of the Honda floor mats, to give a revamped and comfortable look to the interior of the car.

The Imfamous Toyota Tundra

The Toyota Tacoma is an attractive truck, and this time there is one more aspect to make it a favorite in the compact pick-up segment. There are as many as thirteen models for this year. This time the trucks are more comfortable and more capable than ever before.

Due to its low price Tacoma is very well positioned in the market. This multi-purpose vehicle, will give you all that you need and everything you would expect from a small truck. The build quality is superb, the technical characteristics are the best possible and handling is very good. Thanks to improvements in engine, transmission and brake system, this truck is really something special. 2015 Toyota Tacoma will be powered by a V6 engine with six cylinders, and some versions will have a start-stop system to improve fuel efficiency. Given the fact that hybrid cars are becoming more popular, we expect the Tacoma will be offered in a hybrid version. Toyota has officially announced that it will soon introduce its highly popular new Tacoma pickup truck. Official launch date is not yet known, but it is certain that it will be presented by the end of this year. When we have more accurate information about this we gonna report to you. Changes in the price will not be high,

What all lovers of this very popular truck interested, is what will be the 2014 Toyota Tacoma changes. Toyota has decided to slightly redesign the body of the truck to attract even more customers. But the exterior changes will not be large. The biggest 2014 Toyota Tacoma changes will be mechanical. Thanks to these mechanical changes in the engine will run more smoothly and it will get a new and better braking mechanism. Just to remind you the current version of this model won the award for “Best Lightweight Vehicle for the Money.” The elimination of some deficiencies, and with small cosmetic changes, it will surely win this award in the next year. Our expectations are that the new 2014 Tacoma will have an even greater demand, as it will have an attractive design, and what is more important it will have the bigger fuel tank. Besides this, gas guiding push will be changed by an engine unit which is more effective. The interior of vehicles will remain almost unchanged, but it will be better quality.

The new Toyota Tacoma release date is not yet known. But we expect that this compact sedan will be unveiled at the Auto Show as a concept version.

The increase in prices will be followed by the increase in the cost of making this compact truck. It will be built on the new platform, and will also have a more modern technical features. We expect that the 2015 Tacoma with rear-wheel drive and the new six-speed automatic transmission will have an average fuel economy estimated at 32 mpg. Of course, there is no official data on how much it will amount, but we expect to be in the range of $ 20,000 to $ 30,000. This will still be a great price, and we have no doubt that the new 2015 Tacoma will be nominated for “Best Compact Truck for the Money”

But how is this truck becoming more popular as buyers found more complaints about the appearance and performance of this model. The largest number of complaints was on the efficiency of the engine and its high fuel economy and the relatively small fuel tank. The Toyota knew that modern interior design and quality will not be enough to increase the number of customers, but they have to improve fuel economy.

Toyota is very secretive about the new engine, and it is likely we will have to wait for the official presentation to provide you with accurate information. For now know with certainty that the new Toyota Tacoma get a more modern look and a larger fuel tank, but our increasingly interested what will be the fuel economy. According to some information from the internet is speculated that the new engines will be effective for 10 percent. With a streamlined body and slightly lighter weight fuel economy should significantly improve. Below we will give you the estimated fuel economy for the Toyota Tacoma models.

My Honda Accord Experience

In my driveway is a car that’s almost as old as I am. A 19-year-old Honda Accord automatic that’s still in possession of a healthy amount of poke and ABS brakes. And the air-con still works, which is excellent given the recent muggy weather.

So why would I want to change my car? When I visited friends in Glasgow, Honda was the manufacturer that got me there in comfort and without a headache from a whining engine as I beetled up the M6. But one can’t help wanting to move with the times, and whilst I’ve had years of impeccable service from the Accord I was starting to look at trendier cars with rather. There’s no mistaking a car that’s getting on in years, and whilst I was still more than happy with the performance.

But there was one thing that caught my eye every time we drove out for the day. A certain company that seemed to encourage me to entertain thoughts of defection from the trusty little Accord.

It was a Honda dealership, and with a forecourt full of sleek, shining and above all modern models, it wasn’t long before I was forced to come up with an excuse for taking off for a day on my own. I already knew that in a Honda, Glasgow traffic was nothing more than a slight inconvenience rather than the infuriating hindrance that it became in other models. I had received admirable service from my aging Accord, but the time had come to make a choice. I was in the ideal place to make a decision about the future of my driving career.

Reader, I chose a new Honda Accord. There are more bells and whistles in this car than I know what to do with, and every passenger thus far has been unable to refrain from saying. Needless to say, my friends were a little confused when I rocked up after a day of alleged shopping in a brand new car, but after a quick spin, they understood my reasons behind purchase!

But what of the old Accord, I hear you cry?  Surely I couldn’t be so cold-hearted as to abandon it for a younger model.  I ignored the very compelling scrappage offer and went through some interesting logistical adventures to ensure that my old car could come home with me. After all, if something isn’t broken, why fix it? Now I can still get my fix of vintage Honda excellence without feeling envy every time I pass a curvy new model.

Honda Pilot: The Family Beast

This vehicle has enough room to seat eight persons plus it offers a ton of storage space. The shape of the Honda Pilot is square on the front end and some reviewers have noted that it looks and stance resembles that of a truck.

The engine isn’t as powerful as that of some of its competitor but it’s more than enough for everyday usage. The engine contains six cylinders and outputs 250 hp and 253 lb-feet of torque. Gas mileage stands at 17 mpg in the city and 23 mpg on the freeway. It’s equipped with Variable Cylinder Management, which enables the vehicle to run on a lesser number of cylinders and as a result, it’s quite good on gas. The roof is made of strong aluminum and insulated with a dense foam material similar to what roofing contractors install on customer’s roofs:

If you want to purchase additional options, it’s suggested that you opt for the EX-L or the touring line, since certain packages are not available for the base models. There is an optional navigation system in place which can be commanded by voice and Bluetooth compatibility is also available. Cargo space is extremely good at eighteen cubic feet. Storage space can be increased further to eighty-seven cubic feet once you fold down the second and third row of seats.

Hill Start Assist has been installed which deters the auto from rolling back or forward when on a hill or incline.

That’s not all, because the HVAC controls have also been changed. The layout remains quite simple and so it is not surprising to see the spanking new infotainment system placed above the buttons that control the climate conditions.

If you love Honda cars, then you must be eagerly anticipating the release of the 2016 Honda Pilot. Though Honda has not provided any information about the exact date of release, spy shots along with concept drawings show us quite a bit about this car.

The exterior of the Pilot was not the most pleasing aspect of earlier models. However, in the 2016 model, some key changes have been made which help to make this car a much more pleasing one. The basic template has been changed and though the vehicle still looks quite boxy the new lines and curves help to make this vehicle look quite handsome. The new headlights include LEDs, which remain lit during the daytime, and there are LEDs in the taillights as well. Overall, the headlights are very sleek and pleasing to the eye. The grille and the angular bumpers in the front are also quite attractive. The wheelbase has been widened and there is an increase in the other dimensions as well. The fact that the body is made from aluminum helps to lower the weight of this SUV and its aerodynamics is also very good.

Inside the new Pilot 2016, there are seats for seven people. In previous models, it was not all that easy to get in and out of the SUV but in the 2016 version, this problem seems to have been taken care of. The interiors also boast of cruise control and latest upholstery as well as a nice infotainment system.

Which engine will power new 2016 HONDA PILOT?

A 3.5-liter V6 engine that produces as many as 219 horsepowers and 267 pound-feet of torque powers the new Pilot. This mid-size SUV also makes use of VTEC and Earth Dreams technologies, which help to make the car conserve fuel and still remain eco-friendly. It is expected that the Pilot will provide 25 miles per gallon fuel economy on the highway and its lightweight and improved drivetrain will make this SUV very attractive to most buyers.

Kelly Blue Book Review

Kelly Blue Book did an in-depth review of the 2016 Honda Pilot. Check it out here:

The Reliable Honda Civic

The Honda Civic is Honda’s golden boy. It is fuel efficient, high performing and very fashionable. With so much competition out there Honda definitely had to introduce something wonderful. The Honda Civic is the answer to the intense competition. Classic, yet innovative is what makes this model different from the others as well as different from its rivals. The steering wheel now has a new design sleek and sporty enough to spark up a conversation as soon as your passenger enters the car.

The performance for this Honda Civic is a high level with a lot of horsepower from a much smaller engine. If you were more interested in a Hybrid, the upgrade would be no problem and would save you even more money as well as fuel. Your horsepower would not change and you will still get the most power from your car. The new design inside and out gives you a low total of maintenance for the car over its lifetime. Bluetooth navigation is also included in the Honda Civic.

The comfort of the Honda Civic is something to pay attention too as well. With heated leather seats and LCD dashboard monitors, luxury is available at an affordable price. Comfortable, plush seating and redesigned magazine holders are also featured in this model. The rear doors are oversized for easier access to the backseat, perfect for those car owners with children. The trunk is spacious and the interior well designed and spacious as well. This an affordable luxury perfect for families and upwardly mobile professionals also.

When you upgrade to Hybrid model, you are receiving luxury and eco-responsibility. Another important aspect of the Hybrid is how much money you will be saving on costly fuel. In the Hybrid model, the dashboard has all the system’s functions and information about the status of the car’s energy. This version is excellent for commuting around the city and traveling out of town. Any model of the Civic will provide exactly what the owner desires whether it is speed, performance, eco-friendliness, fuel efficiency, luxury and family friendliness.

Toyota Tundra – The Off-Road King

If you have ever talked to someone who owns a Toyota Tundra, you were probably impressed by the fact that they had so many good things to say about their truck. While you might have thought your conversation was an isolated incident, it’s actually quite hard to find a Tundra owner who doesn’t have a long list of good things. If you’re tired of the shortcomings of your truck and want to drive something you can be proud of owning, you should consider becoming a Tundra owner.

Talk that Toyota is going to discontinue its massive plain pickup ar premature, a minimum of that’s the thinking of analysts with Left Lane News, plain Headquarters and automobile Trends. All 3 have reported that Toyota has visited the problem of discontinuing the plain, however agree that once 2014 rolls around a replacement plain is probably going to surface.

The Toyota tundra plain has fallen so much in need of sales expectations, however, there are many sensible reasons for that including:

No Diesel possibility — not like Ford, Chevrolet and Dodge Ram, the market leaders, Toyota doesn’t provide a diesel possibility with its pickup. That puts it at a drawback, particularly wherever fleet operators are involved. Diesel’s are additional fuel economy and higher at actuation hundreds than gas engines, one thing not lost on Yankee truck consumers.

Recently, the unstable nature of the economy has made most people place a bigger emphasis on how they spend their money. One reason Tundra owners love their truck is that of its fuel efficiency. Regardless of what set of wheels you ultimately choose, you can count on them looking great.

These unique details will impress both everyday people and experts alike as you can mix and match to make your vehicle distinctly your own.

Although they seem like a minor detail and are not typically noticed as they usually blend in, once you decide to upgrade them to a brilliant chrome. This little bit of shine definitely stands out, particularly since so many people have never seen this part of a vehicle highlighted before.

Other great options for personalizing your truck are changing the mirror covers and door handles. Again, these elements are usually made to blend in and, therefore, are actually quite impressive when they are covered with beautiful shiny chrome. Another seemingly small detail is your vehicle’s fender vents and trims. Just adding this little touch of brilliant shine will make a huge impact. Oftentimes, we do not realize how much of a difference even the most subtle change can create.

Family Friendly Toyota Corolla

Reason for global popularity of Toyota automobiles is nothing but the high quality at the very economical prices. The top manufacturers in automobiles Toyota has no shortage of luxurious cars in its fleet and there is no shortage of people willing to go to any heights to get one Toyota Corolla, Camry or any other vehicle working for them. Without a doubt, Toyota is the top-selling brand in vehicle manufacturing world. The prime example of it is the most recent recession a couple of years ago, but Toyota did not have to lay off an even single employee in the whole world. This fact is even more astonishing considering there are more than three hundred thousand Toyota employees worldwide.

Toyota Motor Corporation is now a global entity and a force to reckon with but the begging was humble when it all started in 1937 in Japan. With the services of best automobile brains in the world, Toyota has this habit of the surprising world with new and improved design each year at the very affordable cost. The kind of luxury you get with Toyota cannot be achieved otherwise from any other car manufacturer. The smooth drive of Toyota can be easily misleading of its price. The continuous improvement model followed by Toyota corporation has made them what they are today, the leader in the automobile industry. Like rest of the world, Toyota cars are extremely popular in USA and new and used both types are available without trouble.

When talking about great cars, one of the great companies, Toyota, resounds in every mind. Toyota Motor Corporation or Toyota is a Japan-based automobile manufacturer that has been serving people with outstanding cars since 1937. They have received the renowned position of world’s largest auto-makers in 2006. With many ups and downs, they are now striving to procure the topmost position by manufacturing a selective range of auto-mobiles.

But unfortunately, viewing today’s time, it is hard to make any conclusive remarks on whether this company can surpass any other brand or not. With the recent forestalling of eight models including some models of Corolla, Tundra, Camry etc., Toyota cars are losing their enticement in the market which was once prevalent. But its manufactured cars that have made the history of catering to the needs of the customers back few years are laudable.

Though it did not turn out to be astonishing or inspiring like some of its rivals, it has established a benchmark for the 4WD class. The ultra-advanced interior styling makes it compatible with people who are in search of techno-luxury. The heavy technological presentation sets a complete contrast to the nature of rough-and-tough car like this. Many critics also frowned over its excessive use of switches, plugs, and gadgets.

Toyota RAV4 – Toyota did not adopt the traditional way of interior styling while remodeling 2010 RAV4, especially when it comes to the instrument panel. According to Kelley Blue Book and MyRide, the most recent redesigning has made it more basic and classic rather than cute from the previous version. Moreover, elimination of extraneous curves and body armor give it a superb finishing.

Toyota Corolla- As maintained by Motor Trend, the new version of Toyota Corolla is a bit longer, lower, and wider which helps tremendously to improve the car’s appearance.

Toyota Camry Overview

An automobile has gone on from being a luxury item to a mere necessity in today’s world. Most people need vehicles to commute to and from work and for general comfort. With its peak performance and classy looks, the Toyota Camry is definitely the preference of a used car buyer. When you go to buy used cars there are several important points that need to be kept in mind to find the ideal model for you and avoid being conned. One of the first things you must decide on is the maximum price that you are willing to shell out for a car. There are several Toyota Camry’s, in a variety of price ranges, and thorough research of the various sources is crucial.

In the four-wheel segment, there are several used SUV to choose from by the Toyota brand. It is important to figure out which generation of the Camry suits your style and find the various options accordingly. Once you have a select list in mind it is easier to go through the available used models and then find the perfect fit for both needs as well as budget. The source to is a crucial element while choosing to buy a used car. It is necessary to find a source that is renowned for their optimum quality and high performing cars

However, no one should be upset just yet that the Camry is changing. Even Toyota is stating that the cosmetic changes are something that is evolving, not meant to revolutionize the car. All in all, Toyota is relying on the Camry to bring them back into the US market as they were dominant years ago.

And with all the models that they will be introducing, they are putting all of their bets on the Camry is the one model that is really going to help the company. This is a huge undertaking for the company, but one that they definitely needed to do if they were wanting to stay in the game so to speak, with the other companies out there. And they are stating that the Camry is going to be something that the other car companies are going to have to worry about when it hits the markets by this fall.

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