My Honda Accord Experience

Honda Accord

In my driveway is a car that’s almost as old as I am. A 19-year-old Honda Accord automatic that’s still in possession of a healthy amount of poke and ABS brakes. And the air-con still works, which is excellent given the recent muggy weather.

So why would I want to change my car? When I visited friends in Glasgow, Honda was the manufacturer that got me there in comfort and without a headache from a whining engine as I beetled up the M6. But one can’t help wanting to move with the times, and whilst I’ve had years of impeccable service from the Accord I was starting to look at trendier cars with rather. There’s no mistaking a car that’s getting on in years, and whilst I was still more than happy with the performance.

But there was one thing that caught my eye every time we drove out for the day. A certain company that seemed to encourage me to entertain thoughts of defection from the trusty little Accord.

It was a Honda dealership, and with a forecourt full of sleek, shining and above all modern models, it wasn’t long before I was forced to come up with an excuse for taking off for a day on my own. I already knew that in a Honda, Glasgow traffic was nothing more than a slight inconvenience rather than the infuriating hindrance that it became in other models. I had received admirable service from my aging Accord, but the time had come to make a choice. I was in the ideal place to make a decision about the future of my driving career.

Reader, I chose a new Honda Accord. There are more bells and whistles in this car than I know what to do with, and every passenger thus far has been unable to refrain from saying. Needless to say, my friends were a little confused when I rocked up after a day of alleged shopping in a brand new car, but after a quick spin, they understood my reasons behind purchase!

But what of the old Accord, I hear you cry?  Surely I couldn’t be so cold-hearted as to abandon it for a younger model.  I ignored the very compelling scrappage offer and went through some interesting logistical adventures to ensure that my old car could come home with me. After all, if something isn’t broken, why fix it? Now I can still get my fix of vintage Honda excellence without feeling envy every time I pass a curvy new model.