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Toyota Tacoma

The Toyota Tacoma is an attractive truck, and this time there is one more aspect to make it a favorite in the compact pick-up segment. There are as many as thirteen models for this year. This time the trucks are more comfortable and more capable than ever before.

Due to its low price Tacoma is very well positioned in the market. This multi-purpose vehicle, will give you all that you need and everything you would expect from a small truck. The build quality is superb, the technical characteristics are the best possible and handling is very good. Thanks to improvements in engine, transmission and brake system, this truck is really something special. 2015 Toyota Tacoma will be powered by a V6 engine with six cylinders, and some versions will have a start-stop system to improve fuel efficiency. Given the fact that hybrid cars are becoming more popular, we expect the Tacoma will be offered in a hybrid version. Toyota has officially announced that it will soon introduce its highly popular new Tacoma pickup truck. Official launch date is not yet known, but it is certain that it will be presented by the end of this year. When we have more accurate information about this we gonna report to you. Changes in the price will not be high,

What all lovers of this very popular truck interested, is what will be the 2014 Toyota Tacoma changes. Toyota has decided to slightly redesign the body of the truck to attract even more customers. But the exterior changes will not be large. The biggest 2014 Toyota Tacoma changes will be mechanical. Thanks to these mechanical changes in the engine will run more smoothly and it will get a new and better braking mechanism. Just to remind you the current version of this model won the award for “Best Lightweight Vehicle for the Money.” The elimination of some deficiencies, and with small cosmetic changes, it will surely win this award in the next year. Our expectations are that the new 2014 Tacoma will have an even greater demand, as it will have an attractive design, and what is more important it will have the bigger fuel tank. Besides this, gas guiding push will be changed by an engine unit which is more effective. The interior of vehicles will remain almost unchanged, but it will be better quality.

The new Toyota Tacoma release date is not yet known. But we expect that this compact sedan will be unveiled at the Auto Show as a concept version.

The increase in prices will be followed by the increase in the cost of making this compact truck. It will be built on the new platform, and will also have a more modern technical features. We expect that the 2015 Tacoma with rear-wheel drive and the new six-speed automatic transmission will have an average fuel economy estimated at 32 mpg. Of course, there is no official data on how much it will amount, but we expect to be in the range of $ 20,000 to $ 30,000. This will still be a great price, and we have no doubt that the new 2015 Tacoma will be nominated for “Best Compact Truck for the Money”

But how is this truck becoming more popular as buyers found more complaints about the appearance and performance of this model. The largest number of complaints was on the efficiency of the engine and its high fuel economy and the relatively small fuel tank. The Toyota knew that modern interior design and quality will not be enough to increase the number of customers, but they have to improve fuel economy.

Toyota is very secretive about the new engine, and it is likely we will have to wait for the official presentation to provide you with accurate information. For now know with certainty that the new Toyota Tacoma get a more modern look and a larger fuel tank, but our increasingly interested what will be the fuel economy. According to some information from the internet is speculated that the new engines will be effective for 10 percent. With a streamlined body and slightly lighter weight fuel economy should significantly improve. Below we will give you the estimated fuel economy for the Toyota Tacoma models.